What does Jamaica Me Care mean?

What does Jamaica Me Care mean?  For years, you’ve probably heard the term Jamaica Me Crazy.  It’s a phase often printed on souvenirs, t-shirts, and collectibles for tourists throughout the island of Jamaica.   The term “Jamaica(n) me crazy” is basically a pun on the phrase “You’re making me crazy”.  We’ve all heard it thousands of times and is somewhat a fun-slang often used in different settings.  When establishing this foundation, I wanted to create a name that reminded people of how fun and enjoyable the island of Jamaica is; and still there are countless number of underprivileged and underserved children that reside there often forgotten about.  Yes, we want to enjoy the beauty of the island, but we also what to give back to its people.  Furthermore, we want to invest in its future.  And that’s what Jamaica Me Care is all about!

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